The use of a neutral third party to help resolve disputes has gained much pace in the last two decades. Mediation has structure and dynamics that usual negotiation lacks. It allows for innovative solutions that are not within the courts power to order. Mediation can be used at any point in a dispute both pre and post commencement of court proceedings. Both Angela Curran and Jonathon Stokes are qualified mediators and are available to mediate a range of disputes.

Angela Curran qualified as a mediator with the ADR group in 1996 and has been an active practitioner since then. She stopped counting the number of mediations she had conducted when she reached 100 and that was some years ago!

In 2003 she was appointed to The Court of Appeal mediation panel which currently has 16 members. She is a member of the Trust Mediation panel which provides mediators for NHS clinical negligence cases. She has a wealth of experience in mediating high value complex matters.

She is a member of the Civil Mediation Council and a former member of The Law Societies ADR committee.

Angela is experienced in face to face mediation and telephone mediation and more recently in remote mediation via different video conferencing platforms.

Angela, I simply had to contact you to thank you again…..I really didn’t think this process would work. The result was far better than I could have possibly imagined, not just in terms of the compensation I got but because I felt that the hospital really were sorry and understood my situation. This means that I can start to rebuild my life

A five star performance across the board for preparation and grasp of the issues, pre-mediation contact, level of legal/subject expertise, sensitivity to personalities and group relations. Excellent mediator, very patient throughout a very complex clinical negligence claim. Refreshing to have expertise at this level in light of the legal issues

cannot be thanked or praised enough for the way she brought things together in a professional and understanding fashion

really got to grips with the issues between the parties and ensured that things ran in a very smooth way

I got much more out of the mediation than money and I know that this wouldn’t have been possible if I went to court

As a commercial litigator Jonathon Stokes has long been interested in alternative methods of resolving disputes.

In 2016 he took his interest in alternative dispute resolution to another level by qualifying with CEDR as a civil and commercial mediator.

Jonathon views this qualification as another tool in his legal toolbox. Not only does this enable him to utilise his extensive litigation experience to facilitate settlements for other parties but it also allows him to guide his own litigation clients through the mediation process. He has experience across a broad range of areas from commercial contract disputes to liquidator actions.



  • A fisherman who sustained a traumatic amputation of his hand while at sea. The breach of duty case was successfully mediated by Angela who was subsequently appointed to mediate the quantum case which then settled at the mediation.
  • A gamekeeper who was shot during the course of his employment.
  • Psychiatric injury sustained as a result of workplace bullying.
  • Orthopaedic and psychiatric injury sustained at work as a result of unguarded machinery.
  • Orthopaedic and psychiatric injury sustained as a result of a pedestrian being struck by a bus.
  • A litigant in person against the police for personal injury and also for alleged malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.
  • Parents of a small child who was run over by a bus where both parents witnessed the event and had significant psychiatric injury.
  • A headteacher suing a local education authority for psychiatric injury as a result of work place bullying by another member of staff.
  • A claim against a solicitor on the basis of their failure to consider a loss of services claim in a fatal accident case they had settled.
  • A claim against an accountancy firm who had given negligent tax advice.
  • A birth injury case prior to the issue of proceedings.
  • Facial cosmetic surgery involving a litigant in person. This was a very small value claim in monetary terms but hugely emotional. The claim settled with a letter of thanks to Angela from both parties neither of whom had been keen to mediate.
  • A neonatal death case brought by the parents of the deceased child.
  • A case arising out of facelift surgery.
  • A failed suicide attempt by a person in hospital resulting in significant orthopaedic injury.
  • Injuries sustained by a mother during childbirth.
  • Negligently performed ENT surgery.
  • A fatal accident claim on behalf of the estate of a man electrocuted during the course of his employment.
  • Landlord against a commercial tenant relating to dilapidations at the end of a lease.
  • Permanent hand injury as a result of missed hand fractures in A&E.