Commercial litigation

Business disputes can be a drain on resources; they can affect cash flow, moral and take up valuable management time in dealing with them.

It is vital, therefore, to have timely access to experienced and practical advice. It is often the case that, whatever the legal position, understanding the litigation process and what it may involve brings about a speedy and amicable resolution enabling all parties to move forward.

We represent sole traders, partnerships, companies small, large and multinational; we do so in all business sectors; and we have represented them in all tiers of the court structure in England and Wales. Jonathon Stokes has both brought, and sought to enforce, claims in foreign jurisdictions as well as pursuing claims in England against companies registered overseas.

We continue to act for clients who have been clients for over 25 years because they recognise and value the oversight we bring to any dispute; whether in seeking early resolution through mediation or other alternate dispute resolution, or by fighting their corner at trial.

We pro-actively work with our clients to identify areas of challenge or weakness and to put in place mechanisms to eliminate or reduce commercial conflict risks.

Jonathon Stokes has particular expertise in the field of estate agency and auction law, having, when practising in London, represented some of London’s largest independent estate agents and now representing the North East’s best known independent agency.

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