SRA Transparency Rules

Section 31 of the Solicitors Act 1974, Section 9 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985 and Section 83 / Schedule 11 of the Legal Services Act 2007


  1. The costs identified below concern only a claim for unpaid invoice(s) which are not disputed, and enforcement action is not required.
  2. The stated professional costs for this firm cannot practicably be determined and therefore a range is provided. Each claim is fact specific and varying degrees of work will be required to reach a conclusion.  The firm operates a fixed fee debt recovery service on debts falling below £10,000.  The firm would encourage you to call their office with full details of your claim in order that they can provide a cost estimate relevant to your specific case.
Debt ValueProfessional FeesVAT elementCourt Fees if applicableDisbursementsTotal
Up to £10,000£25 per letter sent20%N/AN/AN/A
£10,001 – £100,000£10 – £10,00020% party disbursements may be incurred as part of the claim.  However, a full assessment will be undertaken when reviewing the merits of the claim.  Some disbursements will be eligible for VATAll professional fees, VAT, court fees and any relevant disbursements.
  1. The professional fees of the firm are calculated by reference to hourly rates of the fee earner working on the file. Hourly rates are subject to increases, as notified in advance.  Details are available upon request or contained within the engagement letter.  Timescales for completion of the work will also be contained with the letter of engagement, post assessment of the work entailed.
  2. Those individuals carrying out the work may include:
    • a. Partners
    • b. Solicitors
    • c. Paralegals
  3. Work carried out by any member of the firm will be limited to:
    • a. Accepting new instructions and complying with due diligence requirements;
    • b. Undertaking an initial review of the case, consideration of documentation and taking initial instructions;
    • c. Identifying the need for any additional expert evidence, instruction of the same, consideration of any expert’s report and the formulation of subsequent advice.
    • d. Settling a letter before action;
    • e. Settling a claim form and particulars of claim;
    • f. Obtaining default judgment and advising on next steps, in the absence of payment – together with details of onward costs.
  4. If the firm are agreeable to entering into a conditional fee agreement (‘CFA’) or damages- based agreement (‘DBA’) you will be notified in advance of any agreement being entered into.
  5. If an opponent disputes your claim at any time, the firm will discuss next steps and provide you with a revised quotation, where necessary.
  6. The professional costs of this firm exclude:
    • a. Disputed unpaid invoices
    • b. Insolvency matters
    • c. Landlord and tenant disputes
    • d. Enforcement


Employer - Wrongful and Unfair dismissal

1 Initial consultation (one hour) £200.00 plus VAT*
2 Response letter to employee / representative £250.00 plus VAT
3 Completion of response form when a claim has been made against you (‘ET3’) £250.00 plus VAT
4 Application to Employment Tribunal for a provisional decision during the course of the proceedings (‘Interlocutory application’) £250.00 plus VAT
5 Counter Schedule of Loss and Document List £250.00 plus VAT
6 Witness Statement and Hearing Bundle £500.00 plus VAT *
7 Representation at Preliminary or Final Employment Tribunal hearing (including preparation work) £1,250.00 plus VAT (full day)*
£625.00 plus VAT (half day)
8 Judicial mediation £1,250.00 plus VAT (full day) *
£625.00 plus VAT (half day)

Employee - Wrongful and Unfair dismissal

1Initial consultation (one hour)£200.00 plus VAT*
2Pre-action letter to employer£250.00 plus VAT
3Early Conciliation and claim form (ET1)£250.00 plus VAT
4Schedule of Loss and Document List£150.00 plus VAT
5Witness Statement£250.00 plus VAT
6Representation at Preliminary or Final Employment Tribunal hearing (including preparation work)£500.00 plus VAT *
7Representation at Preliminary or Final Employment Tribunal hearing (including preparation work)£1,000.00 plus VAT (full day)*
£500.00 plus VAT (half day)
8Judicial mediation£1,000.00 plus VAT (full day) *
£500.00 plus VAT (half day)


  1. Travel £75.00 per hour plus VAT
  2. Medical / Expert reports £ Variable (costs to be incurred by client and agreed in advance) plus VAT
  3. Counsel £ Variable (costs to be incurred by client and agreed in advance) plus VAT


VAT on charges and disbursements is charged at the prevailing rate, 20%

Key Stages

The fees set out above cover all of the work in relation to the following key stages of a claim:

  1. Taking your initial instructions, reviewing any paperwork and advising on merits and likely compensation (this is likely to be revisited throughout the matter and subject to change);
  2. Entering into and engaging in ACAS pre-claim conciliation where this is mandatory to explore whether a settlement can be reached;
  3. Preparing claim or response;
  4. Reviewing and advising on claim or response from other party;
  5. Exploring settlement and negotiating settlement throughout the process;
  6. Preparing Schedule of Loss / Counter Schedule;
  7. Preparing for (and attending) any Preliminary Hearings;
  8. Exchanging documents with the other party and agreeing a bundle of documents;
  9. Taking witness statements, drafting statements and agreeing their content with witnesses;
  10. Reviewing and advising on the other party’s witness statements;
  11. Agreeing a list of issues, a chronology and/or cast list;
  12. Preparation and attendance at Final Hearing, including instructions to Counsel.


* Factors that could make a case more complex and therefore be subject to price increases are:


  • If it is necessary to make or defend applications to amend claims or to provide further information about an existing claim;
  • Making or defending a costs application;
  • Complex preliminary issues such as whether the claimant is disabled (if this is not agreed by the parties);
  • The requirement for medical evidence / expert reports;
  • The number of witnesses and documents;
  • Allegations of discrimination.

Where a quote is provided and is likely to be exceeded due to complexity, an updated estimated will be provided as soon as this is identified.