personal injury

As a personal injury practice our focus is on major injuries. These can be Fatal Accident cases where the deceased leaves a dependant spouse/partner and/or children. These can also be cases where the injured party survives but with life changing injuries that require care, therapy and accommodation adaptions. Such injuries might typically include head and brain injuries, amputations and spinal injury claims.

In all major injury claims it is important to access rehabilitation services as soon as possible. This can be done through local authority funding or through a personal injury claim or both.

The mechanism of the accident can be a range of things from road traffic accidents to workplace injury.

Angela Curran represented one of the local coal mining unions and undertook all of their work related personal injury claims.

Many of these cases were in very distressing circumstances for work colleagues of the injured or deceased party resulting in claims for post traumatic stress disorder for those witnessing the accidents. These included fatal accident claims, spinal injuries resulting in paraplegia and tetraplegia and multiple complex orthopaedic injuries.

In 2018 she settled a multimillion pound claim where the injured party was rendered paraplegic with limited hand function as a result of a work place accident. The claimant required high levels of care and aids, accommodation adaptions and adapted transport.

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